S8 Small scale production of functional circuits

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Systems and Control

In all honesty my electrical knowledge prior to starting the course dated back to and also peaked in year 9 making a hedgehog/pencil holder/radio extravaganza. The whole area of systems and control is something that I will be trying my upmost to focus on to enable to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The first part of using electronics I have come across was creating the circuit board for my ambience light. It is certainly a process I will be repeating in the future, and for my own benefit really here is how I developed the circuit board itself.
1.   Print the circuit diagram on to a sheet of acetate.(This was obtained from the PICAXE website)

2.   Transfer this onto a PCB mask and remove the protective black film.

3.  Lay the artwork onto the UV light, lay the copper face down on the artwork, the text should be facing up as it would apear on the circuit board and expose it for at least 3 minutes.

4.  Make up the photresist developing solution (Sodium Hydroxide) using 1 sachet to 1 litre warm water in a tray, mix well until the crystals dissolve, move the PCB around in the solution until the circuit can be seen and the copper is revealed, it is then washed

5.The PCB is developed in ferric  chloride until the circuit artwork is fully revealed and the copper has been removed

6.  It is washed thoroughly, trimmed and is now ready to drill holes where the downloaded transfer tells you to and then to add the required components.   In the case of my ambiance light  I needed to add an additional 2 switches 3 leds and 6 resistors on top of the necessary components.


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