S4 Design basic digital circuits

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Systems and Control

Initial knowledge – 0

Current working level – 2

I had never had experience of designing any form of electrical circuits and in particular was unsure what differenciated a digital circuit to a normal, or what I understand now to be an analog circuit.  It was a subject area I had no confidence in and literally no knowledge.  I have to admit that I struggled with our initial electronics project.  I thought I would and so I chose what I initially thought a simple circuit would be to produce.  In reflection it was an easy option but I had not portrayed any evidence or given any thought to making a more complex solution.  This was wrong of me.  Slightly daunted by the subject matter I chose too shy away from it almost, but with other aspects of the audit that I had little experience in I have challenged myself to embrace and engage in them to get a better understanding and feel competent.

We did have a class tuitional on digital electronics and I could have included that in this section as the basic knowledge I had discovered about digital circuits and done my competency project on something I wouldn’t say was easier as such but a subject that I had previous knowledge and seemed to be more accessible such as mechanisms.  However I have chosen to try and engage with digital electronics and I have to say I am glad I did because it has given me a chance to explore areas of electronics that I had previously not done in ED217 and by taking it back to basics I feel comfortable and competent within the subject of not just  designing and building digital circuits but actually understanding them.

Rather than just paste the whole of my research and application into this section it is probably easier to visit www.aidanross2.wordpress.com.  Here it details what a digital circuit is, what they comprise of, how they differ from analog circuits and examples of circuits I have designed and built.  It was certainly the right option to do this section as my competency module as I now feel I have a greater understanding in a wider variety of all things electrical, than I would have done had I just used ED217 as my entrys into this section.  It has been an important lesson for me and has taught me not to just take the easy option, to quote Illeris 1999 ‘ for significant learning is something one only becomes engaged in when faced by a situation or challenge exceeding what can manage on ones personal basis.’


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