R10 Heat treatment

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Resistant Materials

Initial knowledge -1

Current working knowledge –1

When thinking of heat treatment I immediately think of welding,  I don’t actually have any first hand experience of this joining technique but I did do some research on the subject which can be seen in R6 at the start of the joining techniques section.  I am certainly keen to have a go at welding before the year is out and might organise a short mini task around the subject to give me a basic  grasp.

The heat treatment I have used previously is vacuum forming which I did in packaging design and I will brush up on that before the year is out.  The active heat treatment I have used so far is the strip heater for the plate rack, and the for the 2 part mould.    Both of which I found fairly easy and safe practices to use and would feel confident if required to use them again.  The main point worth noting is to not overheat the plastic as it can lead to the plastic bubbling.  Another thing worth remembering is to make sure the moulds are the correct size, or any template to aid in bending is the right size and angle, because although you can reheat the plastic to near its original form, larger pieces remain slightly warped.


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