S10 Create and interpret flow charts

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Systems and Control

My Experience of interpreting electronic flow charts was at best extremely limited.  When designing my ambience light for technologies ED217 I had to learn how to use the programme flowell 3.0.  My light features 2 switches and 3 LED’s amounting to 1 light.  One of the switches will simply turn the light on and off.  The second switch can be pressed to turn the light off gradually in 10 minute intervals, this enables the light to be used as a child’s night light or as a timed reading light.

In the flowell program the elongated circle is used to represent a processes start or finish.

The diamond contains the input of a process, in the case of my ambience light these are 2 switches,  1 to turn the light on and the second to activate the ‘sleep’ mode.

The rectangle depicts an action taken during the process,  in this case it is the 10 minute interval that occurs in between the LED’s turning off 1 by 1.

My flowell chart was as follows:

flowell 3.0 flow chart


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