C14 General use of ICT

Posted: October 7, 2010 in CORE

Initial knowledge 1

Current working knowledge 3

Nowadays I think 95% of the world will have at least some basic knowledge of ICT.  My general experience had been in the use of word processing programs such as Word and Microsoft Works as well as spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.  I had also used Photoshop in previously attended design courses

From the very first couple of weeks it was evident that this was going to be a key area for development throughout the year and I was looking forward to using computer aided design and manufacture having briefly flirted ( although not technically brilliantly ) with a CAD program called Rhyno during  packaging design.

The first of new programs I needed to use was power point.  Although aware of the program having previously witnessed visual demonstrations, we were given the opportunity to do a presentation ourselves in small teams.  I found it extremely user friendly, and still feel that it has a place in my future when hopefully taking classes of my own.  It is an extremely useful tool to project information alongside images and quotes that would give students visual stimuli as I am trying not to bore them to death.

Ironically my presentation was on the program 2D design.  Which was my next use of new ICT.  I found giving the presentation a useful aid to give me some background knowledge of the program itself and its application.  I gained practice of 2d during ED216 and the results can be seen in C5.

I tend to find using new programs quite daunting but in this instance 2D design is a fairly simple graphics program and it is easy to see why it is still used throughout schools as a good introduction to computer aided design.

This very wordpress is a new use of ICT personally.  I have found it a useful tool to help present my work electronically.  I was impressed with the examples presented to us when first issued with our audits and took it upon myself to learn how the program worked.  In truth I did find it an initial struggle and it did take me a long time to set up this audit, but I felt comfortable enough with the wordpress to present ed216 www.aidanross1.wordpress.com using it again and I will feel comfortable using it in the future.  Admittedly there are areas of wordpress that I haven’t explored and probably ways in which I can change the layouts and the way my work is presented but this is something that can be assessed in the future.  The only drawback I have found is that although I can present my work in separate sections, I cannot place it in a desired order as it is in the form of a blog and the posts are listed chronologically.  Hence the reason I created all the pages first to give them some form of order before adding the posts at a later date.

I have really enjoyed being introduced to ProDesktop,  whether I like it or not CAD is definitely here to stay and may even see the humble pencil become obsolete in the future.  There may no longer be a need for drawing boards for technical drawings as a good visual representation with accurate dimensions can be produced using the likes of ProDesktop and solidworks.  Again it was a new experience but I did try to use it for visual communication and modelling throughout ed216.  My initial attempts are in C5 but I look forward to exploring it in greater depth.  I hope that the knowledge I have gained so far can be improved upon as I appreciate in modern times, schools will be looking for up and coming teachers to have a good working knowledge of the programs made available to their students and I think that having understood how to use ProDesktop I might be able to transfer some of its principles into other 3 dimensional design programs such as Sketchup and Solidworks.

Another use of ICT I have used was during my presentation on globalisation on a program called Prezi.  It is a presentation program similar to Power Point but it is visually more exiting and you can include things such as You Tube clips that load automatically when you spin to the next item.  The presentation went well and I had a few people ask me what the program I had used was called.  I will certainly use it again in favour of Power Point as I think that students would find it more visually stimulating and again it is a relatively new media that could be utilized when making presentations in class.  It is important that I keep up to date with any new ICT that comes out to keep my knowledge and learning fresh and keep up to date with any new technology that I can utilize in classrooms in the future.  On that note I have had a practice with the interactive white board and would feel confident using it for teaching purposes also.


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