• C1  Work with design briefs and specifications
  • C2  Conduct effective research
  • C3  Use of product analysis and disassembly procedures
  • C4  Create innovative and functional designs
  • C5  Familiarity with computer aided design and modelling
  • C6  Command of visual communication techniques
  • C7  Construction of working drawings
  • C8  Familiarity with product modelling techniques
  • C9  Understanding of packaging design
  • C10  Application of quality control and quality assurance
  • C11  Awareness of sustainability issues and wider impact
  • C12  Track project budgets and costs
  • C13  Use of ergonomic and anthropometric data
  • C14  General use of ICT
  • C15  Knowledge of history of design
  • Systems and Control
  • S1  Using a systems approach to circuit design
  • S2  Create and interpret circuit diagrams
  • S3  Design basic circuits using discrete components
  • S4  Design basic digital circuits
  • S5  Use software for circuit simulation
  • S6  Use prototyping techniques for testing circuits
  • S7  Use software to design pcbs
  • S8  Small scale production of functional circuits
  • S9  Use and combine commercial modules
  • S10  Create and interpret flow charts
  • S11  Work with programmable systems
  • S12  Create fault finding, test and calibration procedures
  • S13  Design and analyse basic mechanical systems
  • S14  Design and analyse basic structures
  • S15  Health and safety
  • Resistant Materials
  • R1  Classification and structure of materials
  • R2  Working properties of materials
  • R3  Effects of combining materials
  • R4  Components
  • R5  Marking out techniques
  • R6  Joining techniques
  • R7  Shaping techniques
  • R8  Finishing techniques
  • R9  Machining
  • R10  Heat treatment
  • R11  Computer aided manufacture
  • R12  Integration of smart and modern materials
  • R13  Health and safety
  • Extension (KS4/5)
  • X1  Awareness of industrial processes
  • X2  Awareness of new and future developments
  • X3  Knowledge of micro/molecular principles
  • X4  Use of detailed data to aid in designing

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